Peel Energy, which recently acquired the rights to develop the Beaw Field Wind Farm, situated on the Isle of Yell, has announced dates for public exhibitions to inform local communities about the new plans for the site. 


At the event, local people will be able to learn more about the proposed scale of the development. Peel Energy has estimated that the site could accommodate a maximum of 28 wind turbines up to a height of 145m although this number may reduce due to technical, environmental and commercial constraints on the site. 

The exhibitions will take place over two days as follows:

  • Tuesday 21st April – 2-7pm – Burravoe Public Hall
  • Wednesday 22nd April – 3-8pm – Mid Yell Public Hall

Representatives of Peel Energy will be available to answer questions from members of the public, elected Councillors, local businesses, council officials and any others who attend.

Other Information available at the exhibition will include:

  • Additional information about Peel Energy.
  • More about renewable energy and wind power in particular.
  • Maps of the proposed turbine layout for the Beaw Field Wind Farm.
  • A 3D computer simulation of the proposed wind farm allowing people to see what the wind farm will look like from any part of the local area.
  • Outline and possible ideas for models of how the community benefit associated with the development might be managed and how this could benefit the local area.

Bernadette Barry, Development Manager for Peel Energy said, “We are looking forward to presenting our plans for Beaw Field Wind Farm on Yell. We would encourage members of the local community to come along to discuss our plans with us and let us know their thoughts.”

She continued: “Because of the fantastic natural resources in the area, Shetland is one of the best areas of the UK for generating clean, secure energy, not just wind. The islands can be at the forefront of this sector for generations to come and we hope the Beaw Field Wind Farm will play a key part in that future.