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Status: Consented

The Barton Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) is a proposed 20MW biomass-fired Combined Heat and Power plant on land owned by Peel Group adjacent to the Manchester Ship Canal.

On 11th February 2016 Trafford Council resolved to grant planning permission for a variation to the original consent which has reduced the footprint of the proposed infrastructure and incorporates a heat network.

The Scheme

The plant will be designed to have an operational life of at least 25 years and will provide equivalent renewable energy for more than one-third of the homes in Trafford. It is planned that the plant will also provide low carbon heat via a district heating network to the local vicinity further improving the efficiency of the plant and delivering a competitive alternative or complement to conventional fossil fuel sources of heating.

The plant will deploy the latest technology and will be fuelled primarily by recycled wood. It is proposed that a small element of solid recovered fuel is also utilised to maintain fuel flexibility. The biomass element of the fuel would exceed 90%. About 200,000 tonnes of biomass would be consumed annually.

 The project received planning consent in April 2014.

Our proposals
The proposed combined heat and power plant site occupies an area of vacant land on the south side of the Manchester Ship Canal. The United Utilities Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works is located west and south of the site and Barton High Level Bridge is located to the east. Land on the opposite side of the canal has been developed with the Salford Community Stadium hosting the Salford Red Devils rugby league matches. Port Salford has also been granted consent on land to the north of the proposed site.

Access to the site is taken from the end of Trafford Way to the rear of the Trafford Soccer Dome.

The Benefits

Barton site plan

Barton site plan

Energy for homes and businesses
The plant will be designed to have an operational life of at least 25 years and would provide the equivalent renewable electricity to meet the average needs of up to 37,000 homes. As well as generating electricity, it is planned that the plant will supply renewable heat via a district heating network to industry and business. As has been demonstrated elsewhere in the UK, this technology provides energy security and sustainability that can often lead to attracting inward investment and  development in the area, which can ultimately lead to job security and creation and improve the local economy. This will reduce the amount of energy otherwise required to heat premises in nearby locations that would ordinarily burn fossil fuels for heat generation.

Community and local benefits
The investment also offers potential contract opportunities for local businesses during construction and operational phases. It is expected that over 100 construction jobs would be created during the two-year construction period and 15 permanent operational posts would be available. Ongoing supply and maintenance work would also be required at the plant.

The 20MW development would make a significant contribution towards helping the UK meet its national renewable energy targets.


The Barton CHP Plant will be fitted with state-of-the-art biomass power generation technology and conform to stringent European emission regulations. Planning permission has been given and an environmental permit granted by the Environment Agency.

Further Information

Contact: Muir Miller
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