From the inception of a project through to decommissioning, Peel Energy seeks to minimise the impact on, and build a positive relationship with, those in the vicinity of an energy project.


We do this by:


Local area benefits



Communities can benefit directly from an energy project in their area through a number of mechanisms.


Local employment plans


Peel Energy ensures it employs local labour, suppliers and subcontractors wherever possible across all projects. This ‘local first’ approach is common for all of our projects and helps to ensure that the local economy derives some immediate benefits once a project starts. During the construction of our Frodsham Wind Farm we have spent almost £1.0m with local suppliers.

Community benefit funds


“Community benefits offer a rare opportunity for the local community to access resources, including long-term, reliable and flexible funding to directly enhance their local economy, society and environment. These resources also offer an opportunity to gain access to and leverage for funding from other sources.” (DECC, Oct 2014 Community Benefits from Onshore Wind Developments)
At Frodsham Wind Farm, we provide £120,000 every year that the wind farm operates for the local community. Over the life of Frodsham Wind Farm this will amount to £3,000,000. The contributions from FWF will be index-linked and are entirely independent of the energy generated by the wind farm.

Habitat management plans

Our sites are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna and we are careful to look after any on site species during the construction and operation of our Wind Farms. For example, Frodsham Wind farm is covered by a Habitat Creation and Management Plan (HCMP) that was prepared as part of the planning application. The HCMP is reviewed every quarter by a management group that involves the RSPB, Natural England, the Wildlife Trust, the Council, the tenant farmer and local bird watching groups.


We are committed to improving habitats across our projects and at Frodsham we have created artificial scrapes to benefit wading bird species from the Mersey Estuary, as well as enhancing the rare and nationally important reedbed found on site. We are doing this with the aim of contributing to biodiversity over the lifetime of the projects, as well as to create an excellent environment for the diverse species found in the area.

Educational visits

Scouts on Scout Moor Wind Farm

Peel Energy has historically supported visits to its wind farms across the country and recognises the importance of educational trips from all ages to learn about wind power and the importance of renewable energy.

At Scout Moor and Frodsham, Peel Energy encourages environmental and energy studies by visiting schools and interest groups. If you are interested in an educational visit to a wind farm, please use the contact details at the foot of the page.


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