Providing flexibility to our energy system by balancing demand and supply, and enabling a more rapid deployment of variable low carbon generation.

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Peel Energy is assessing a range of opportunities both on Peel and third party land for the development of flexible peak power generation schemes.  These include technologies such as battery storage facilities and gas engines at a range of scales.




The use of energy storage and peak power generation is set to play a significant role in providing greater flexibility to our energy system by balancing energy demand and supply and enabling a more rapid and greater deployment of variable low carbon generation.  Whilst power generation from gas reciprocating engines is mature, the current battery market is still at an early stage of development.  Technology costs are continuing to fall, regulatory and market hurdles are being removed, and a number of potential revenue streams are available to successful bidders in to the various grid auctions and markets.

With the wide ranging nature of the Peel Group land holdings, development portfolio, and operational sites opportunities exist for a range of deployments from standalone engine or storage projects providing services to the national grid, to ‘behind the meter’ projects co-located with high energy users or private wire networks where advantages can be taken from reducing grid demand during peak energy price periods and avoiding grid use costs.


Standalone opportunities would be connected directly to the distribution or transmission grid system charging at times of low energy prices and demand, and responding to a number of potential scenarios:

·       Quick response to either grid frequency/price signals

·       To act as a reserve of back-up power for use when it is required.

·       To shift energy from a lower to higher price/cost periods.

Behind the meter storage with high energy users could provide revenue or cost saving opportunities which might include:

·       Reducing demand during peak energy price periods.

·       Avoidance of transmission and grid costs over high cost periods.

·       Provision of response and reserve services to the markets as for standalone projects.


As well as opportunities which exist across Peel Groups land, Peel Energy is developing relationships with others land owning organisations to bring forward a wider portfolio of schemes.



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