Providing flexibility to our energy system by balancing demand and supply, and enabling a more rapid deployment of intermittent  low carbon generation.

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Peel Energy is assessing a range of opportunities both on Peel and third party land for the development of flexible power generation schemes. These include technologies such as battery storage facilities and gas engines at a range of scales.




Increased deployment of renewable energy and the electrification of transport and heat mean that the UK’s electricity system is changing rapidly.

Energy storage and flexible gas generation are set to play a significant role in providing greater flexibility and resiliency to our energy system by responding quickly to changes in supply and demand.

 Whilst power generation from gas reciprocating engines is a mature technology, the battery storage market is still at an early stage of development. Technology costs are continuing to fall, regulatory and market hurdles are being removed, and a number of potential revenue streams are available to successful bidders in to the various grid auctions and markets.

Peel Energy are active in the development of flexible energy schemes with a range of applications.

Standalone “front of meter” projects are connected directly to the distribution or transmission grid system and can meet a number of functions including:

  • Responding to energy price changes through arbitrage.

  • Providing quick response to grid frequency changes.

  • Acting as a reserve of back-up power for use when required.

 Behind the meter projects are connected to intensive energy users and could provide revenue or cost saving opportunities including:

  • Reducing demand during peak energy price periods.

  • Using battery storage to increase the use or value of on-site low carbon energy generation.

  • Provision of demand side response and reserve services to the network.

  • Provision of uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for critical loads. 

As well as working on opportunities across Peel Groups land, Peel Energy is developing relationships with third party landowners to bring forward a wider portfolio of schemes.  


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