Peel Energy is looking to build and operate low carbon heat networks across the country on both Peel and third party developments.

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While the transition to low carbon electricity generation is well under way, in order for the UK to meet its binding climate change targets further significant progress is needed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the heating sector. Peel Energy sees significant opportunity for the development of district heating networks to make rapid progress in the transition to low carbon heating.


District heating uses low carbon technology to generate heat at a centralised energy centre.  Pumps circulate the hot water via underground pipes supplying residential and commercial customers, forming the district heating network.

We are currently assessing both the financial and technical feasibility of installing district heat networks in several locations. This work involves modelling the heat loads of the planned developments, which will then dictate the size of the generation equipment and pipes required to deliver the scheme.

Peel Energy believes that bringing key stakeholders together at an early stage is very important in will ensuring that networks are designed to maximise potential across the widest area and is pleased to work with public and private sector partners in order to do so.


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