The demand for new charging infrastructure is spread between home, place of work and public charging locations.


Peel Energy is supporting the shift towards a greener society, by installing fast charging points (22kW) across The Peel Group and on land owned by our partners.

There are many benefits to supporting the adoption of electric vehicles:

  • A reduction of carbon emissions from fossil fuels leads to better air quality in urban areas;

  • Carbon dioxide released from internal combustion engines is also one of the leading contributors to global climate change, and the docarbonisation of transport is one of the key ways we can meet the governments climate change targets;

  • The cost benefit to the consumer, as EV’s are cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain. An electric car can cost up to a third less per mile than an ordinary petrol or diesel car;

  • The ease of charging. Charging at home, work, or at their destination means that drivers never have to visit a petrol station again.

With over 30,000 parking spaces within Peel L&P alone, it is clear that this represents a major contribution to the decarbonisation of The Peel Group and will support the ongoing decarbonisation of transport in the UK.


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