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Status: In Construction

Frodsham Wind Farm was granted planning permission by the Secretary of State on 19 October 2012 following a public inquiry. 

Construction Update: The first turbine at Frodsham Wind Farm has been erected.The Nordex N90 turbine stands 125m in height to the blade tip. 

The wind farm will consist of 19 turbines, each 125m high supplied by Nordex. The total installed capacity of the wind farm will be more than 50MW, making it one of England’s largest onshore generating stations, and the largest in the Cheshire region.

Cheetham Hill Construction Limited, from Bury, has been appointed as the main civil engineering contractor and work has commenced. Peel is working with the Council to ensure that local sub-contractors also benefit from the employment opportunities this significant project will bring.

A Local Liaison Committee (LLC) has been established and meetings are held on a regular basis. The Committee consists of local representatives, Peel and Cheetham Hill. For more information about the Committee and the construction activity please click here.

A Community Benefit Fund (CBF) will be available once the wind farm becomes operational. 

Turbine Component Deliveries

Between the middle of April and the middle of July 2016, we will be delivering all of the components necessary to assemble the 19 wind turbines that will make up Frodsham Wind Farm. Cheshire Constabulary will be escorting the blades and tower sections and has worked with our supplier – Nordex UK – to set the delivery times. Barring unforeseen events, we expect the whole journey to require no more than 90 minutes from leaving the Port of Liverpool to arriving at our site. 

The delivery route is marked on this plan and can be summarised as:

•    Leave Port of Liverpool on A5036 Princess Way and then onto M57
•    Exit M57 at J1 and continue eastbound on M62
•    Exit M62 at J10 and onto the M6 southbound
•    Exit M6 at J20A and onto the M56 westbound
•    Exit M56 at J14 and onto the A5117
•    A5117 onto Pool Lane and then onto private site road network

Turbine Delivery Programme

Please check back here regularly to see if there are any changes to the programme so you can plan your travels accordingly.

The Scheme

Frodsham Wind Farm Site Plan

Frodsham Wind Farm is primarily located on canal deposit grounds owned and operated by the Manchester Ship Canal Company, a part of the Peel Ports division of the Peel Group. The site is located within the administrative boundary of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

The wind farm is essentially divided into two ‘clusters’ of turbines, each served by its own sub-station: 

  • the western cluster comprises 13 turbines and is located to the immediate north of the village of Helsby;
  • the eastern cluster consists of 6 turbines and is located to the immediate north of the village of Frodsham.

Each of the turbines will be 125m tall.

Installed capacity will be >50MW

The wind farm will require more than 10km of improved or new tracks which will greatly increase access opportunities across the site. Sign posts showing various routes will be erected across the site to assist visitors and users of the area.

The ‘design life’ of the wind farm is 25 years, after which the wind farm will be decommissioned in accordance with a plan that will be approved by the Council.

The habitat of the site is overseen and managed by a group comprising representatives of Natural England, the RSPB, Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society as well as the Council’s ecologist. This group meets every quarter to review the status of the site as well as report on survey results.
Construction will start in April 2015 and continue until late 2016. In January 2016 Frodsham Wind Farm became the first construction site in the UK to be awarded the Biodiversity Benchmark: Design for Construction, from the Wildlife Trusts in recognition of the work which has been undertaken on site throughout planning and construction to preserve and enhance biodiversity.

Frodsham Wind Farm was approved by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on 19 October 2012 following a public inquiry. Since that approval was granted there have been several related applications.

The relevant local authority application reference numbers, along with a description of what each relates to, is provided below.

There are a considerable number of applications related to the Frodsham Wind Farm. Download the latest ‘application tracker’ to find the one that you are interested in. You can then visit Cheshire West and Chester Council’s website to inspect the details of the application.

The Benefits

The Frodsham Wind Farm will make a significant contribution toward the development of an indigenous, secure and free source of energy at a time when conventional generation technologies are increasingly reliant on imported fuel.

The construction of the wind farm offers an excellent opportunity for local contractors to be involved via the Local Employment & Procurement Scheme, developed by Peel and overseen by the Council. When it comes to sourcing sub-contractors, Peel has adopted a ‘Cheshire West First’ policy for sourcing labour and materials.

The habitat enhancement measures being undertaken will dramatically improve and guarantee for 25 years the attractiveness and utility of the site for a wide variety of birds. 

Frodsham Wind Farm is a great example of industry and nature conservation working together to deliver a development that will provide green energy and reduce the risk of harmful climate change. Not only was the wind farm designed to minimise the risk of collision with wildlife, but additional habitat was created that leaves the area better for wildlife than it was before
— Tim Melling, RSPB

New access tracks affording greater access to and through the Frodsham Marshes area, maintained by the wind farm company for 25 years.

A Community Benefit Fund (CBF) will receive £120,000 each year and will be available once the wind farm becomes operational. Peel will be consulting on the CBF after May but welcomes suggestions from interested groups, organisations and individuals.



Peel is committed to open and transparent engagement with communities that host one of its wind farms. In the case of Frodsham Wind Farm, Peel has already established a Local Liaison Committee which meets frequently to discuss issues arising during its construction.

More information about the work of the LLC can be found here but if you have any concerns you can contact Peel directly via the contact details below.

Peel is also open to approaches from schools and colleges who may wish to use the Frodsham Wind Farm as an educational resource. Peel has a strong history of providing supervised visits to its wind farms and providing talks to students at all stages of their education. If you would like to discuss arranging a site visit or a presentation please get in touch via the contact details below.

Further Information

Contact: Stephen Snowdon, Development Manager (Planning)
Email: ssnowdon@peel.co.uk  Call: 0161 629 8258
Post: Peel Dome, The Trafford Centre, Manchester M17 8PL


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