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Status: At appeal

Cheshire West and Chester Strategic Planning Committee refused to grant planning permission for this proposal in October 2015. Peel Energy has submitted a case for appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. 

The Scheme

Hapsford Solar Farm Plan

The original proposals (occupying 66.6 hectares) have been significantly scaled back as a direct result of our site investigations and scoping process. Hapsford solar farm now comprises a total area of 10.4 hectares, this revised scale ensures the maximum screening is achieved and buffers to ecological features are preserved.

At a glance:  

  • The scheme would be capable of generating up to 5MW of renewable electricity. 
  • Taking into account the likely resource and average household electricity use it is estimated that this site would generate enough electricity for over 1300 homes.
  • The solar panels would be approximately 2.25 meters high and would be well screened by hedgerows and trees which presently surround the site. 
  • Existing tracks and gaps in the hedgerows would be used for construction access.
  • Construction would take 4-6 months and the frequency of the construction traffic and the chosen access route have been planned carefully to limit any impacts to normal traffic. It is expected that there will be 8 to 10 deliveries per day and deliveries would be not be abnormal loads.
  • The vegetation below the panels would be allowed to establish into species diverse grassland, in combination with the promotion of hedgerows for screening there will be ecological benefits from this proposal.

Planning Application
The planning application can be accessed here.

The Benefits

The benefits associated with the application are:

  • The generation of renewable electricity, enough for over 1300 homes. 
  • An ecological management plan would be implemented to enhance biodiversity within the site.
  • Establishment of enhanced hedgerows in combination with grasslands within the site would provide ecological benefits to the area. 

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