Ince Biomass Energy Plant

Ince Biomass Energy Plant

The Ince Biomass Energy Plant is a proposal for a renewable energy plant at Ince Park in Cheshire. The plant will be fuelled with recycled and virgin wood and generate enough electricity to meet the average needs of 37,000 homes. It will replace the existing planning permission for a bio-ethanol plant within the master-plan for the resource recovery park. The proposal will take advantage of the Ince Park’s excellent infrastructure links and fit well with other proposed uses on site such as the timber recycling facility.

Site Location

The site is on the Ince Resource Recovery Park and lies between the proposed Energy from Waste plant and Growhow’s existing plant. It currently has planning consent for a 20MWe biomass plant. Access to the plant would be via the estate roads to be constructed as part of the wider master plan for the site.

Why Ince?

The site comprises about 3.1 hectares of land within the Ince Resource Recovery Park, owned by Ince Park LLP, known as Plot 9.

The proposal would have good synergies with other proposed uses on the site, such as the timber recycling facility. The area also has several well established industrial users that could make use of renewable electricity and heat generated at the site.

The Ince Resource Recovery Park has excellent transport infrastructure for use both during construction and operation. The canal side location is an important part of this infrastructure, not only for its potential for fuel deliveries, but also to increase plant efficiency through providing cooling water. It is envisaged that initially all fuel will arrive to the site by road however there is potential to utilise the new rail infrastructure for deliveries in the future.