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The Ince Biomass Energy Plant is located at Protos Park in Cheshire. 

Planning permission was granted in January 2013 for Peel Energy’s proposed 20MW biomass energy plant at Protos Park near Ince, Chester. Having undertaken post planning development work during the course of 2014 the project was transferred from Peel Energy to CoGen Limited, now taking the development forward through construction and into operation.  Please see the Protos website for further details.

The Scheme

Ince Biomass Energy Plant

Environmental considerations
The Ince Biomass Energy Plant is being fitted with leading edge biomass power generation gasification technology.

An extensive Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken as part of the planning process for the wider Resource Recovery Park. This was expanded upon to assess the changes in anticipated impact between the consented bio-ethanol plant and the new biomass plant proposal. Comprehensive environmental studies were completed including assessments of air quality, noise levels, visual impact, ecology, hydrology and geology. 

When operational, plant emissions would be strictly controlled in accordance with Environment Agency regulations.

There are no odours associated with biomass-fired renewable energy plants and there will be minimal noise levels as biomass processing would be carried out off-site.

The biomass fuel will be stored and handled within the plant in fully enclosed areas which ensures that there would be no dust blown from the site.

The Benefits

Energy and employment benefits
The power plant would be designed to have an operational life of at least 25 years and would provide renewable electricity to meet the average needs of up to 37,000 homes. As well as generating electricity, the plant would be capable of supplying renewable heat to industry and businesses in the area. This would reduce the amount of energy otherwise required to provide heat to premises and industrial processes in nearby locations.

The investment also offers potential contract opportunities for local businesses during construction and operational phases. It is expected that over 100 construction jobs would be created during the two-year construction period and 15 permanent operational posts for the life of the plant. On-going supply and maintenance work would also be required at the plant.

The 20MW development would make a significant contribution towards helping the UK meet its 2020 renewable energy targets.    

Ince Biomass Energy Plant

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