Marshes CBF First Round

Marshes CBF First Round

Marshes Community Benefit Fund announces the success of the first round of Community Projects | Community projects near the Frodsham Wind Farm share £60,000 in the first round of awards this year.

The Marshes Community Benefit Fund (MCBF) Panel closed the entries in February 2017 for the first £60,000 of the annual £120,000 community payments made by Frodsham Windfarm Limited.

The application process attracted a lot of interest with seventeen applications totalling just over £200,000 competing for the initial tranche of funding available (£60,000). 

The independent panel of local residents have been busy over the last couple of months assessing the applications and clarifying details of the shortlisted community projects to ensure that they are capable of being delivered in accordance with the requirements of the Community Benefit Fund constitution.x

The panel have notified seven applicants, within the Marshes CBF eligible area, that their projects have been successful totalling £60,000.  The largest project has been awarded £30,000 and the smallest £250.

Projects that were not awarded funding in this round have also been notified.  Eligible schemes that were unsuccessful in this round can reapply for future rounds.

Details of the projects will be released on the Marshes CBF website over the next few weeks, once the grant agreements have been signed.

Dianne Walker (Panel Chairman) explained that Panel members are all volunteering their time and have been working hard over the last two months reviewing the applications and are looking forward to seeing the successful projects being developed, to benefit the residents in the areas surrounding our new wind farm. The panel have been very pleased with the high quality of applications received



Peel Energy to partner with Vital Energi

Peel Energy to partner with Vital Energi

Following a thorough market evaluation process, Peel Energy will form a joint venture with Vital Energi to form an ESCo (Energy Services Company) to continue the development and implementation of a District Heating Network associated with the consented Barton Biomass CHP project near Manchester.

District Heating is a tried and tested technology that is widespread within Europe and a growing market within the UK. Capturing heat from the local electricity generation process offers those connected with a sustainable, low carbon and secure supply of heat at competitive prices when compared to traditional methods.

Heat from the planned Biomass CHP plant will be transported through a series of new dedicated super insulated underground pipes that connect to properties for the provision of low carbon space heating and hot water requirements through a heat exchange unit, replacing current traditional means of generating their energy. As a market leader within this sector, Vital Energi brings many years of knowledge, skills and expertise in the design, installation, operations, maintenance and customer services for all scales of decentralised energy systems and ESCo services.

Peel Energy and Vital Energi, will continue to progress the project to define the proposed Heat Network route that is being driven primarily by the high level of interest and demand received from within the locale.  The JV ESCo will provide service levels and guarantees to all connected customers to assure them of continuity of supply.

Muir Miller, Managing Director Peel Energy, “The District Heating Network is a strategically important component of our Biomass CHP project. We’re excited to be working with Vital Energi who are a market leader within this sector with the credibility, experience and expertise to assist us in the continued development and delivery of this project

Nick Gosling, Group Sales and Strategy Director Vital Energi, “We are really pleased to be working with Peel Energy on a landmark project for the North West that will not only provide security of supply for end users but will significantly reduce CO2 emissions”

Pupils Power Up Energy Project With Visit To Scout Moor Wind Farm

Pupils Power Up Energy Project With Visit To Scout Moor Wind Farm

Bolton school pupils have been learning first-hand about renewable energy during a visit to England’s second largest wind farm at Scout Moor.

A total of 60 Year 6 pupils from Eagley Junior School joined experts from Peel Energy at the South Pennine site, walking up to the 100 metre tall turbines and witnessing the power of the 40m rotating blades. The group of enthusiastic 10 and 11 year olds learned how the turbines are constructed, how much energy is produced by the wind farm and the importance of renewable energy sources.

Class teacher at Eagley Junior School, Sophie Jacques, said: “We love finding new and exciting ways to educate pupils on important messages, especially around environmental awareness. The visit itself formed part of our project focusing on the environment and energy sources.  It was a brilliant way to demonstrate how wind farms work and encourage the pupils to think about where energy comes from.

“Following the visit, the pupils are building their own mini turbine structures, and we’re holding a competition to see which turbine generates the most power. Seeing the turbines close up on the visit has certainly fired their enthusiasm for this project and they picked up some fantastic facts about renewable energy.”

The visit was led by Peel Energy’s Development Manager, Steve Snowdon, who said: “At Peel Energy we believe it’s important to educate future generations about the importance of renewable energy sources and we fully support school visits to our wind farms to provide memorable first-hand experience.”

Scout Moor Wind Farm is the second largest onshore wind farm in England. Built by Peel Energy in 2008, it produces electricity from 26 Nordex wind turbines which provide enough power for almost 40,000 homes.

Peel Energy is currently building a new wind farm in Frodsham, Cheshire. Once operational, Frodsham Wind Farm’s 19 wind turbines can generate over 50 megawatts of clean, renewable energy.

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First Turbine to be Installed at Frodsham Wind Farm

First Turbine to be Installed at Frodsham Wind Farm

Frodsham Wind Farm’s first turbine will start being built this week, (week commencing 25 April) with the full construction process of one turbine expected to take three days.

Installation of the turbine, which is the first of 19, will involve the use of large cranes to lift the tower sections into place, followed by the lifting and installation of the turbine hub. Finally the three blades will be attached to the central hub.

The assembly of the turbine will be carried out by a dedicated team from Nordex, the manufacturer of the N90 turbine model which is being installed.

Development Director at Peel Energy, Jonathan England, said: “This is another important milestone for our Frodsham project. The installation of these turbines marks the culmination of six years of effort on the part of my team to deliver one of the largest onshore wind energy schemes in the region.”

Peel Energy will continue to work with community representatives through its liaison committee to keep people informed as the project progresses. The project website and social media channels will also be kept up to date to provide details of the delivery and installation schedules, as well as general progress of works.

First Delivery Of Turbine Blades For Frodsham Wind Farm

First Delivery Of Turbine Blades For Frodsham Wind Farm

Construction has begun at Frodsham Wind Farm in Cheshire with the first delivery of Nordex wind turbine components planned for Tuesday 12 April.

The delivery of three 45m turbine blades represents the beginning of a fifteen week delivery phase, which will see the transportation of components for all nineteen wind turbines from the Port of Liverpool to the site. Between Tuesday 12 April and Friday 15 April, three blades will be delivered each day.

A number of minor works are being carried out at certain locations along the delivery route, to ensure the safe and efficient movement of components and equipment. This will also help to minimise the length of time the roads are occupied, lessening possible delays for road users.

The 50.35MW Frodsham Wind Farm is the second Peel Energy project supplied by Nordex and sees the first deployment of its newly developed 2.65MW turbines.

Development Director at Peel Energy, Jonathan England, said: “Being able to make such extensive use of the motorway network is ideal. These roads regularly handle large loads from the Port of Liverpool and will allow us to get nearly all the way to our site without touching the local road network.

“We’ve worked hard on the transportation scheduling to ensure that there will be minimal disruption to road users during this phase of Frodsham Wind Farm’s development.”

The delivery of the blades, which are the largest single components, will be assisted by Cheshire Constabulary escort vehicles and will take place outside of peak hours. No other components require a police escort. All parts will be delivered to the site by Collett & Sons Ltd which has worked with Peel Energy before on its Scout Moor Wind Farm development. The delivery will see blades leave the Port of Liverpool and use the motorway network to get to the site (M57, M62, M56).

Sales Manager for Peel Ports, Ashley Piper, said: “After months of planning, it’s excellent to see this project becoming a reality. It demonstrates how the Port of Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal is equipped to handle such significant loads and provide excellent accessibility to the road network, with 10 motorways within 10 miles. This, coupled with our expertise, has helped to make this project a success."

Jonathan added: “We’ve agreed with Cheshire Constabulary that for loads requiring a police escort, the convoy’s size will be limited to two vehicles only and that no more than three component deliveries will be made on any given day. This will further reduce potential disruption.”

Peel Energy will continue to work with community representatives through its Liaison Committee to keep people informed as the project progresses. The project’s website will also be kept up to date to provide regular news on the delivery schedule and general information about the progress of works.

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