The Turbine and the Drone.

The Turbine and the Drone.

Over the last two months we have been undertaking drone surveys at our wind farm in Frodsham. Throughout that time Ben Smith from Kensson Aerial Imaging has been accompanied and assisted by various members of our team, manoeuvring the DJI commercial drone throughout the moving wind turbines at a height of 300ft.

The end product of the survey is a geo-referenced map, with digital imagery that can produce clarity of image so good that we can analyse the pebbles on the road. The survey serves a number of purposes:

·         Mapping the environmental impacts of the wind farm on the surrounding land

·         Tracking the habitat of the various species of birds we have on site

·         Helping with the maintenance of the access tracks and turbine bases.

The initial drone survey has taken four days to complete, and we will now be undertaking these surveys twice a year.