One of the four Port of Sheerness wind turbines owned and operated by Peel Energy is sited on land owned by the Queenborough Fishery Trust (QFT), a local charity. Peel Energy pays an annual rent to the trust via the port for hosting the turbine.

The trust uses the rent it receives from the Port of Sheerness and from other leases of its property, much on and around the Isle of Sheppey, to support the local community. It chiefly gives grants to local organisations who work to provide recreational and educational facilities on the Island and in the Sittingbourne and Faversham areas, and also helps individuals in need and to relieve poverty.

Recent awards made by the QFT in and around Queenborough include to Holy Trinity church to help restore the church hall and grounds, the Queenborough 650 group for celebrations of the town’s borough charter granted by Edward III and Sheppey Sea Cadets for a new minibus, as well as long-term support to the Queenborough Town Community Centre.

The QFT is an independent registered charity with a board of 10 volunteer trustees, two of whom are nominated by Swale Borough Council, two by Queenborough Town Council and six drawn from the local community. The trust has a long history, with its origins rooted in centuries-old local ownership of oyster beds in the Swale off Queenborough. The trust passed to Swale council when local government was re-organised in 1974 and operated under the council’s umbrella until it was re-formed in 2015 as an independent charity registered in its own right with the Charity Commission. 

Peel Energy is at the forefront of delivering secure, affordable and clean power with projects in solar, wind, district heating, biomass, marine and hydro energy spanning the UK from Shetland in the north to Sheerness in the south.  Port of Sheerness wind farm was commissioned in September 2016 and will continue to pay rent to the trust helping support its good causes for its entire 25 year life.

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