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Status: In Development

Mossy Hill is located on Shetland, one of the Northern Isles of Scotland. The exceptional wind resource on Shetland means that this area is ideally suited to wind farm development. 

Since the public exhibitions, we have continued to gather environmental information, we have carried on with our wide consultation, all of your views and feedback is being carefully considered and the design of the project is being improved ahead of submission of an application to Shetland Islands Council.


The Project

 We are busy improving the wind farm design, taking into account the findings from the wide range of surveys, studies and assessments concerning the following topics:

•           Landscape and Visual

•           Cultural Heritage

•           Ecology

•           Ornithology

•           Noise

•           Traffic and Transport

•           Water environment

•           Ground conditions and Geology

•           Aviation

•           Telecommunications

•           Shadow flicker

•           Socio-economic impacts

•           Access and Recreation


We are considering everything including the number, location and size of proposed turbines and infrastructure.  We are looking to maximise the benefits underlying the general support for the project and how we can address concerns raised to ensure the potential impacts of the project are properly understood.


Thank you for your views

Thank you to everyone who attended the public exhibitions and those that have provided us with feedback on the initial proposals.  This has been valuable to us as we progress towards an improved design, informed in part by your input as well as consultation with local and national consultees. We will provide information about the final design ahead of submitting our application, so please check back here for updates.


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