Low carbon energy



Peel Energy is committed to the development of onshore wind projects. Our wind portfolio includes a range of schemes in operation, under construction or in various stages of development.

Peel Energy's projects include one of the largest onshore schemes in England, Scout Moor in Lancashire, 15 miles north of Manchester. This project took seven years from identifying the site, through consenting, to opening in September 2008. The twenty-six 2.5MW turbines generate 65MW, enough to power 40,000 homes.  The wind farm is now owned by MEAG, and Peel Energy continue to have an interest as a landowner and in promoting the expansion of the wind farm.

Other schemes include:

Royal Seaforth Dock Wind Farm, Liverpool: six turbines, 3.6MW scheme, constructed in 1999.

Port of Liverpool Wind Farm: four turbines, 10MW scheme, commissioned in February 2009.

Port of Sheerness Wind Farm, Isle of Sheppey: four turbines, 10MW scheme, Planning application approved March 2009.

Frodsham Wind Farm: up to 57MW, planning application approved October 2012.

Blue Sky Forest Wind Farm, Northumberland: nine turbines, up to 27MW, planning application approved November 2012.

In November 2008, Peel Energy entered into a partnership with UKCOAL giving Peel Energy exclusive access to wind farm opportunities on UKCOAL’s land for two years.

The partnership has led to a number of sites to be advanced that are at various stages in the development process, including the consented Blue Sky Forest Wind Farm.